About us

We are committed to changing the way the pharmaceutical industry approaches ethics and its compliance obligations under law and industry codes. Good education in ethics and compliance produces tangible business benefits and competitive advantage by focusing on the patient.

Our Story

In 2018, our founding partners Nick Broughton and Louise Sharp embarked on a mission to redefine pharmaceutical ethics and compliance training. Recognising a gap in the prevailing approach, they saw a system overly fixated on compliance, often neglecting the ethical principles underpinning regulations that are crucial for navigating uncertainty in the ever-evolving world of healthcare and technological advancements. Rejecting the notion of a trade-off between ethics, compliance, and business success, we aim to integrate these principles harmoniously to meet both patient and organisational needs.

That is our Ethos.

Dr Nick Broughton and Louise Sharp, founding partners of Ethos Pharmaceutical Ltd.

“We empower professionals to navigate the ethical and regulatory complexities of the pharmaceutical industry with integrity and confidence.”

Dr Nick Broughton – Founding Partner

Making an Impact

We are driven by a desire to make tangible changes in understanding that deliver patient and business benefits

Engaging Education

We strive to make our education fun, engaging and relevant for all and continually innovate to achieve that

Ethical Expertise

We are experts in pharma ethics and compliance and the process of making decisions

A new approach to compliance training.

Our compliance education is centred around principles-based decision making, ensuring a fun, engaging learning experience that leaves a lasting impact and drives meaningful change.

A rocket shooting out of a lightbulb, signalling a new approach to compliance Ethos graphic
People running uphill, led by an expert signatory, Ethos graphic

Expert signatory led

Led and taught by experienced medical signatories that you can trust to provide real-world ethics and compliance education with practical applications.

Meet the team

Founded on excellence, our team work hard to make compliance education a great experience for all.

Dr Nick Broughton

Founding Partner
Expert final medical signatory with over 25 years’ experience within the industry and post graduate qualifications in pharmaceutical medicine, ethics and law. Nick specialises in education and behaviour change and is researching the ethics of AI in healthcare and pharma. He is also a diehard Blackburn Rovers fan.

Louise Sharp

Founding Partner
Communications, marketing, and training professional who has founded and run multiple brand promotion and medical communication agencies throughout her 25+ year career in healthcare communications. She loves taking on new challenges and has recently passed her motorbike test.

Rachael Donaldson

Director of Operations
Medical communications and pharmaceutical marketing professional who firmly believes ethics and compliance training should be fun and engaging for all. When not globetrotting, Rachael is mother hen to her flock of 8 chickens!

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