Changing minds in ethics and compliance through online learning. interactive workshops. behavioural analysis. motivational talks. tailored expert advice.

Breaking new ground in ethics and compliance education.

Onyx by Ethos
Expert led ABPI Code of Practice education and support programmes for signatories, business leaders, creators, reviewers, field personnel and agencies.

Tailored Intervention

Bespoke educational online programmes and live learning events designed specifically to meet your company’s goals.

Compliance Culture Analysis

Analysis of beliefs and behaviours allied to targeted interventions to drive sound ethical decision making in the interests of the business.

Our mission is simple

Ensuring that the business value of good ethical compliance is understood, and is at the heart of every successful pharma business.

Experts in ethics and compliance

Led and taught by experienced medical signatories that you can trust to provide real-world ethics and compliance education with practical applications.

Principles-based decision making

Education that focuses on enabling good decisions when things aren’t clear and there is no precedent. An approach designed to engender courage and creativity.

Innovation in learning

Multi-format, interactive delivery both live and online designed to be engaging, memorable and to change minds. 

Considered Risk

Learning that recognises the complexities of making business decisions and equips learners with the confidence to justify their actions.

See what our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it – see how our innovative approach to ethics and compliance education has impacted businesses like yours.

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Explore our latest blog posts offering our thoughts on topical subject areas in ethics and compliance and keeping you informed on our company news.

Ethos is pleased to announce our collaboration with the PM Society in introducing a new ground-breaking award at the PM Society Digital Awards this year: the Proud to Promote Award. This award
Ethos is pleased to announce our collaboration with the PM Society in introducing a

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